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What are we producing at GPM? 

Here's what's in the works:

Sum It Up

A weekly political podcast for women of color, by a woman of color

There's SO much going on in the world!


Do you need a place where you can learn about: politics, health and the justice system as well as the history they are steeped in?

How about learning it from the woman of color perspective?

Sum It Up, featuring host Summer Nettles, is a podcast that's not just talk. Join Summer Nettles, who's covered politics and news, beaten cancer, had her share of relationship foibles, been discriminated against and lost 80 pounds. Let's talk about real things with someone with authentic experience!


Why are Black women leaving the traditional workforce in record numbers?


What is it about the existing circumstances in offices that make them a health hazard for Black women, specifically?


What do we do about it? 

She Quit is a six-episode docu-series that aims to answer all these questions and more. NOW IN PRODUCTION

Coming in June 2021