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We've increased video views by 6000% for various municipalities, organized events that sold out and taught organizations communications, anti-racism and social media strategy skills. We pride ourselves on taking content that matters and finding the best way to share it.


We're looking forward to sharing our skills with your team! 

Videography, Audio Production, Photography & Editing 

- Do you need a video of a meeting for later use?

- Are you trying to figure out what kind of video, audio or       written content your clients, constituents or customers find   engaging? 

- Would you simply like help executing an idea? 

Greater Purpose Media can help with everything from location scouting to video editing.


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how we can help you

achieve your internal

and external communication goals.

Learn Interpersonal Communication for Organizational Success

Are you struggling to have meaningful dialogue in your organization? 


Power dynamics, departmental politics, jargon and so much more often prevent direct communication from taking place in the office. Navigating nuances, clarifying misunderstandings or plainly being able to speak up can make all the difference.

Learn skills to help your team:

1) define issues preventing great communications.

2) structure difficult meeting for maximum efficacy. 

3) move from months of emails to getting projects done quickly with good critical communication skills and clarity of purpose.

Go Beyond Diversity Training

Why Anti-Racism Training and not Diversity Training?


Anti-Racism is an active and evolving process that needs concrete goals and systems of accountability to be successful.


During this training we'll go beyond implicit bias to develop lasting methods for: 

1) Evaluating organizational leadership's commitment to diversity, talent acquisition and retention.

2) Developing methods of internal accountability.

3) Setting attainable goals to transform the way your organization achieves and maintains a healthy environment with good communication and a commitment to diversity.

Are you ready to take an honest, results-oriented approach to addressing racism and diversity in your organization?