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Navigate diversity, equity & inclusion in everything from script writing to the final edit with a media company whose strong roots in conflict resolution, journalism and diversity will ensure your message meets the moment.

Black, woman-owned video production company.

Greater Purpose Media (GPM) is a Black, woman-owned, video, audio & social media  production company located in Denver Colorado. 

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We understand the unique needs of the government and business communities. Learn more about our certifications and qualifications below.

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Greater Purpose Media works with the City and County of Denver, the State of Colorado, NBC News and several non-profits to make content that serves a greater purpose in the local and national community. Click the link to see samples of our work or reach out and let us help tell your story!

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Tamra DeBrady
Greater Purpose Media did an AMAZING job hosting a variety of panels for my organization! Summer is knowledgable, funny and easy to work with! 
5 / 5 stars

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Greater Purpose Media

 At GPM our unique ability to craft media begins with our understanding of people and ends by applying the right tools and techniques to maximize message relevance and resonance in the community.

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