She Quit is on its way!

Greater Purpose Media has a very dynamic way of incorporating education into production via enlisting academic partners and educators to find and source the statistics and articles prior to production. 

Thanks to the wonderful research the eighth graders at Adams County STEM Lab conducted, much of the background information we need to be accurate is complete! 

After carefully reviewing the data around Black women leaving the workforce due to its impacts on our health, we'll begin two steps:

1) reaching out to the authors of the studies to schedule interviews and

2) finding 12 stories from Black women throughout the country to illustrate the research. 

GPM is also looking for a Colorado-based animator to bring the data these eight-grade, documentary film producers-in-training unearthed to life. 

She Quit is going to be a vibrant living production that will impact generations to come and that process started in preproduction. We have to give a HUGE shout out to Adams County STEM Launch and STEM Lab for helping to bring this vision to life!

That said, we are STILL fundraising. 

We're anxiously awaiting news on several grant applications. Once we have more information on what we've won we'll share it here!

During the month of July the focus of out fundraising will be on raising money from corporate sponsorship. So, if you know a corporate donor who's invested in the growth of women of color in the workforce as so many who have lost their businesses due to COVID-19 choose to return, send us an email!